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There are times when you are so appreciative the valuable people and experiences in your life.  Lisa Belvoir and the Alternative Healing Center represent the remarkable path I found to healing myself and as a result, being a facilitator in other's healing.  Lisa is an incredible teacher and healing practitioner. Under the  knowledgeable instruction and guided direction of Lisa, I became a Certified Integrative Holistic Practitioner. I am certified in all levels of Reiki, Hypnotherapy, and a Shamanic Practitoner.  Lisa Belvoir and the Alternative Healing Center are a valuable resource and provide opportunities for healing and learning.

Mary, Felton, CA

Ben Lomond, CA

“I met Lisa after my divorce and was in need of healing. Once I started my journey with Reiki and Lisa, my life shifted and changed while I experienced real growth. Lisa is a patient, experienced and clear teacher and healer!”

Aptos, CA

I am so grateful to have discovered Lisa Belvoir!  Lisa is a kind, compassionate, professional practitioner who makes her clients feel safe the moment they meet her.  She is a deeply skilled and gifted healer and offers a variety of modalities to suit her client's needs. In addition to being a regular client, I have also enjoyed several of her courses.  Her extensive experience and caring demeanor make her an excellent teacher.

Ben Lomond, CA

Lisa is very grounded and quite connected!  The first attunement I received for Reiki I changed my life in the most amazing of ways!  I have taken every certification that Lisa offers and have received plenty of healing sessions with her as well.  If you are searching for a safe environment for powerful healing and processing, and a positive change in your life, I highly recommend working with Lisa.  You will be more than pleased.

Manifesta P.,
Santa Cruz

"Working with Lisa, both in private healing sessions, and as a student in her classes, has been transformative for me. Her expertise in a wide variety of healing modalities, coupled with the intuitive ability to weave them together in practical application, has set me on a journey of healing and self awareness far beyond what I ever expected. Learning how to ground myself in her classes, listen to intuitive guidance, and connect in with my greater purpose through the study of Reiki and Shamanism under her tutelage has literally set me on a new path. I'm grateful beyond words."  

Natalie, Ben Lomond, CA

Lisa Belvoir is a rarified healer, teacher, and Light Worker at large.  I’ve had the pleasure of knowing her for 16 years. On a whim, I signed up for Reiki classes and never looked back.  Additionally, I have been the recipient of her direct conduit to Energy much bigger than we understand. She’s intuitive and committed to providing safe space for all those seeking to heal physically, spiritually, emotionally.

Ben Lomond, CA

I highly recommend Lisa Belvoir and the Alternative Healing Center. Lisa is an excellent teacher and an amazing 1:1 therapist/healer.  I have had the privilege of taking her Reiki, Hypnotherapy and Shamanism classes; all of which benefited me greatly. I have also worked with Lisa personally to have attunements as well as Reiki and Hypnotherapy sessions and am deeply grateful to her for her wisdom and healing energy. Lisa has been a key to my personal healing and growth over the last 17 years. Thank you Lisa

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